Your audience is in front of you

Often the best place to start when selecting who your startup is positioned to serve is the community that's right around you. School, work, clubs, and friends are great foundations for a business.

As you think about who your audience is, one of the best questions to start with is “who do you currently have access to?”. You’re going to need easy access to these people in order to test and validate your ideas as well as find your first customers. Here’s a few ideas:

  • College students (if you’re a college student or on staff at a college)

  • Coworkers in a specific industry (When I started Breeze, I was a pastor and so I had access to other pastors.)

  • A club that you belong to

  • A group of friends or family members who all share a similar interest

  • An online community you’re a part of (reddit, forum, podcast, etc)

  • Neighborhood

  • Social media followers

  • Sports team that you’re on or follow

  • Educational institutions (where you attend, attended, or have kids attending)

  • Organizations you volunteer at

  • Customers of a previous business

My hope is that this helps you not just focus in on a group of people you’re interested in helping but that it’s a group you can easily get in front of as you’ll need their partnership as you move forward. And if you’re feeling down because you don’t currently have access to a group you’d like, perhaps it’s time to join a club or start volunteering in the space to begin building some genuine relationships.